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 <a href='http://www.winingpom.com.au'>Find out more »</a></i> <i>McWilliam’s Maurice O’Shea Shiraz 2007<p>What a legacy and what a wine to emulate. It could be nothing less than Hunter Shiraz. It really tells a story in the glass as it unfolds with regional typicity. There’s the pull between sweet and savoury fruit, a touch of  chocolate and leather and that mineral and ironstone influence that pervades many wines [...]</p>
 <a href='http://www.winingpom.com.au/2010/07/mcwilliam%e2%80%99s-maurice-o%e2%80%99shea-shiraz-2007/'>Find out more »</a></i> <i>Q&A with Battle of Bosworth<p>Joch Bosworth and his partner Louise Helmsley-Smith are the duo behind battle of Bosworth wines. He tends the vines while she does the marketing side of things including good social media content on Twitter and Facebook. Their McLaren Vale vineyards turn out some wonderful expressions of Shiraz and Cabernet under the Battle of Bosworth label [...]</p>
 <a href='http://www.winingpom.com.au/2010/08/qa-with-battle-of-bosworth/'>Find out more »</a></i> <i>Wine as Concubine – By Patrick Haddock<p>If you have ever been addicted to buying wine then this will strike a chord. This article appeared in Mentelle Notes in 2009 but oddly nothing has really changed with my addiction, I’ve just become more discerning and discreet. I’ve a startling admission to make. I’ve only been married a year and I’m having an [...]</p>
 <a href='http://www.winingpom.com.au/2010/08/wine-as-concubine/'>Find out more »</a></i>

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