11 Jul2010

The exuberance of the Zonte’s manifesto is perhaps best expressed in its wines names and labels. This wine tips it hat towards Willy Wonka for its inspiration and the manic blueberry gum chewer of the same name. It’s got than Langhorne Creek signature which is dark, spicy fruit particularly in Malbec, a touch of the herbal and what reminds me of antique shop varnish and leather. It’s a swathe of spice that surges through the palate, black fruits particularly blueberry, enormous youthful tannins and acids and spicy length. Needs some kind of Argentinian meat plate to do it justice; as Burly as the Belgrano.

Region: Langhorne Creek
Closure: Screwcap
Alcohol: 14%
Source: Sample
Price: $22.00

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