27 Apr2012

Tyrrell’S HVD Semillon 2004 $30 10%

Oh the joy of an aged Semillon done well. No wonder people go nuts for this stuff. This wine is in serious danger of being like the vinous equivalent of crack. One hit is not enough and you’ll keep returning to jack your glass up with this melange of citrus and honey to get it coursing through your veins.

Lanolin, chalk, honey on toast but still so fresh in the citrus vein. This is still so tightly coiled; amazing lemony freshness, palate is still firm, toasty, vivacious and long. Ridiculously fresh for a wine of this age and such a classic both then now and into the next two decades. Available at your local dealer and still ridiculously cheap.

Region: Hunter Valley
Alcohol: 10%
Cost: $30-35
Source: sample

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