02 May2012

How often do you get stuck for the right words? Or feel the dread of of having to write another tasting note. Wouldn’t it be easier to delegate it to someone who enjoys writing and does it for a career? What, you mean pay a professional? Well yes, I do. Someone who places words in the appropriate places and does not waste them unnecessarily.

Think about it. Some carefully worded words are going to separate you from the competition. You can have all the pretty pictures of vineyards you like but it’s not going to shift that next pallet of wine, it will complement but it won’t seal the deal.

Words are like weapons of retail intent. Use them carefully and they will hit a moving target every time. If you want to hit the bulls-eye, you need a hired gun with a proven record.

Wining Pom has been using words as precision guided bullets for the last decade ensuring he always hits the target with pinpoint accuracy. Don’t you think it’s time you let someone else have a go?

I offer a host of copywriting services to the wine industry and most importantly speak a language that you and your customer understand. Wine sales.

So, if you want to give your forgotten bottles the best chance of finding a home then employ a writer who will deliver the results you need.

If you are keen to know more drop me a line and we’ll turn wrong into write…

Services include:

Label Copy
Web Copy
Tasting Notes
Brand consulting
Social Media

Patrick Haddock

Wining Pom Communications

Phone: 0410 502090

Email: patrick@winingpom.com.au

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