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28 Aug2010
Wine as Concubine – By Patrick Haddock

If you have ever been addicted to buying wine then this will strike a chord. This article appeared in Mentelle Notes in 2009 but oddly nothing has really changed with my addiction, I’ve just become more discerning and discreet. I’ve a startling admission to make. I’ve only been married a year and I’m having an [...]

28 Jul2010

I tried the Pawn Wines in the Hills and they’ve lost none of their charm. This is smoky, sexy Sangiovese that makes you warm to its food friendly charms at first sip. It’s a scintillating nose of  died herbs, cranberries and a touch of soft leather. Textural mouthfeel jam packed with vibrant berry fruit and [...]

11 Jul2010

Beyond the propaganda behind Zar Brooks wine communication, of which it is profligate, Ben Riggs actually crafts some decent booze at the price. This sexy little Italian blend is fresh, fruity and fun and suggests it would make a tempting date with takeaway pizza. It smells of roses, cherries, raspberries plus wild herbs and has [...]

11 Jul2010

The exuberance of the Zonte’s manifesto is perhaps best expressed in its wines names and labels. This wine tips it hat towards Willy Wonka for its inspiration and the manic blueberry gum chewer of the same name. It’s got than Langhorne Creek signature which is dark, spicy fruit particularly in Malbec, a touch of the [...]

05 Jul2010

Wow what a nose, like a five year old time capsule that was desperate to be opened. Once unleashed it showed a vivid nose of blackcherry, coffee grounds, vanilla oak and chocolate, underpinned by clove and cinnamon. The palate is broad to bullish delivering intense blackcurrant fruit, allspice, and skilful integrated oak. Its generous and [...]

23 Mar2010

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17 Mar2010

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05 Mar2010
Heggies Botrytis Riesling 2007

The Heggies Vineyard in the untamed Eden Valley S.A. produces some of Australia’s finest Rieslings. Winemaker Peter Gambretta has a deft touch in the vineyard as this  dessert wine shows. Entrancing aromas in the glass; everything from apricot, mango, tinned peaches, cumquat and honey and even a touch of Riesling minerality. The palate continues the [...]

12 Feb2010

Margaret River typicity all round with grassy herbaceous aromas and fresh lemon zest, there’s slight hints of cut nettles and a tad of gooseberry in the mix too. The palate delivers all that and more with a firm core of citrus and freshly cut apples it climaxes with a really firm ,long finish and sharp [...]

05 Jan2010

This is the kind of wine I like, it takes you by surprise as it opens up. It’s just so complete as a Shiraz with heaps of aromas that are distinctly varietal. There’s a generous whiff of blueberry and blackcherry, a nudge of licorice and a smudge of pepper. This all combines on the palate [...]

25 Nov2008
Stonier Pinot Noir 2006

Stonier is one of the most consistent Pinots from the Mornington and winemaker Geraldine McFaul teases every last ounce of flavour into this deceptively layered Pinot. It was shy to begin with then opened up with a myriad of delicate perfumed fruits including raspberry and cherry. A mouthfeel as silky as a bridemaids garter and [...]

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This social media thing is a blast, I like a good tweet as much as the next man but facebook is so like last year. However people tell me it’s a really nice way of connecting with an older audience, so lets see how many friends and followers I can make…

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